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We at The Drummer's Program are committed to excellence, excellence in musicianship, education, and attitude. We are a nationwide school of private drumset and snare drum study featuring a standardized and uniform curriculum unlike anything ever before in the industry. The Drummer's Program provides private, one-on-one drum lessons with a certified private instructor. Built to suit, The Drummer's Program offers both a professional and a hobbyist curriculum. Every lesson is taught by a certified professional instructor specifically trained to teach The Drummer's Program curriculum. Many program graduates have gone on to have very successful careers as professional musicians or private instructors. So, young or old, hobbyist or professional, The Drummer's Program has a course of study for you. Let The Drummer's Program help keep music in your life. LET'S PLAY DRUMS!

"The Drummer's Program provides comprehensive study in snare drum and drumset techniques with the understanding that a command of fundamental rhythms and of the 40 rudiments is a prerequisite to becoming a capable drumset player. The Drummer's Program is unique in that advanced students can choose their particular area of study. From advanced rudimental and orchestral snare drumming to Latin drumset techniques to big band swing, the Drummer's Program will provide organized study. The Drummer's Program accepts students ages 5 and above from beginner to advanced"

Dan Lauby

founder/director - The Drummer's


author - "Drumming with



To Prepare each student for any performance situation, from marching band and orchestra to the jazz and rock stage, and to encourage in each student a habit of effort and achievement through complete involvement in exercises uniquely accessible in the special arena of private study.

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