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Employment Opportunities:

Choose Your Path

Train To Teach

The Drummer's Program is currently accepting talented drummers for our Teacher Certification Program. We assist with job placement for all graduates of our TA program. Click on the link below to contact us for more information.

Train To Perform

Need to sharpen your skills in a specific style? Need to sharpen your skills in ALL styles? Need to sharpen your sight reading? We can get you there in all of the above and more. We also have opportunities available for capable players on cruise ships. Just click the link below and we can tell you how we can prepare you for a rewarding career on ships. Auditions for ships are held in our studios with the assistance of a Drummer's Program instructor.

"I've always wanted to teach, I've always been able to teach. I've always had the ability to develop skills in myself and others quickly. I've always wanted to be a drummer but I was formally trained as a percussionist. I've been fortunate to have had terrific college instructors, however in seven years of college I took not even one advanced lesson on drumset. The drumset has not been recognized as a legitimate instrument of study. The Drummer's Program was born out of need, developed to meet the needs of drummers left unaddressed by university degree programs. The text, Drumming With Understanding, is a cornerstone of the program and with the inclusion of the chapter 'A Standard Notation for Drumset', Drumming With Understanding takes a great stride toward legitimizing our instrument. For those of you -drummers- who are interested in a career behind your kit, I invite you to join me. The Drummer's Program will train you, certify you, and assist you with job placement. I do hope to hear from you!"

-Dan Lauby

-Director and founder of The Drummer's Program

-Author of Drumming With Understanding

 The Drummer's Program currently has employment opportunities with various cruise lines for drummer's who have strong sight reading and chart interpretation abilities. Click the link above for more information, or to find out how we can help get you ready for employment on cruise ships.


Try to understand the learner's weaknesses and avoid them initially... strengthen and build them later in the relationship. Be positive and patient and know that you cannot force a flower to bloom

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