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 -Congratulations to all of our students that made it to the state finals for solo and ensemble.

- Oh, this will be fun!!! Oct. 10th...Drummer's Program student Keith Butts and his band, The Lemmon Brothers, will be opening for our Certified Private Instructor, Danny Lauby, at the 36 Saloon. Promises to be a great time!

-Terre Haute, IN Drummer's Program Certified Private Instructor Danny Lauby will be opening for Joe Diffe at the Illinois St. Fair on July 30th. Don't miss this chance to see one of our guys warm the stage for a Nashville legend!

-Big congrats to The Lemmon Bros. on their recent performace at the legendary Tootsies in Nashville, TN. These guys are young, but boy can they rock! We look forward to many great things from these kids in the future.

-Keep an eye out for these upcoming records!! Austin, TX based Drummer's Program Certified Private Teacher Kenn Furr is playing on a couple records coming to be released in the near future. Look for Tom Gillam & His Kosmic Messengers, Robynn Shayne, and Garret Lebeau albums out this fall

-We wanna give a big shout out to Drummer's Program student Keith Butts and his band The Lemmon Bros. They had the opportunity to play at the legendary Tootsies on Broadway in Nashville last weekend, and crushed it!! Great job guys!

- The Drummer's Program would like to welcome Austin Nuggent to our Teacher Assistant Program at our Terre Haute, IN location. Very excited to have Austin on board!

-A big congrats to Levi Mason for his completion of the Teacher Assistant program. Levi is now our newest certified private instructor. We are currently in the process of finding Levi a quality location for our next Drummer's Program location. Keep an eye out for news! We may be coming to your town soon.

-Keep an eye out for Tyrone Vaughan. If the last name is should be. That's Stevie Ray Vaughan's nephew, Jimmie Vaughan's son. He may be coming to a town near you, or you may even catch him on the Discovery Channel's hit show, "Texas Car Wars". If ya make it out to see Tyrone, you'll catch our own Kenn Furr behind the drums. Congrats Kenn, and keep up the great work there in Austin!!!!

- Those Lemmon Brothers are at it again! That's right, Drummer's Program student Keith Butts and his band of fellow 5th graders are playing Saturday June 1rst at the Volkswagen Beatle Festival in Effingham, Il from 4-6 pm. This will be a must see!!!

- Great job goes out to Neil Clark. Neil is a Drummer's Program graduate and filled in this past Friday for Danny Lauby with the band Country 90 Proof. Every working band loves when a sub can come in and make it feel like they've been playing with the band for years. Neil's performance Friday is the perfect example of what we at The Drummer's Program are working to instill in every one of our students. Professionalism and taste. Well done Neil.

- Looking for some good live music? Check out Drummer's Program graduate Danny Lauby this Saturday with Broken Road at Club 40, or with Country 90 Proof on June 8th. Both are excellent bands, and a show you won't wanna miss.

-Keep an eye out for The Lemon Brothers everyone!!! Drummer's Program student Keith Butts is keeping the beat for this band of 5th graders. That's right...5th graders!!! They've got some big shows coming at the Banks of the Wabash Festival and the Indiana State Fair. Well done guys! Find out more about this talented group of elementary school students at

-Long live the king! Drummer's Program senior teacher assistant Danny Lauby will be performing with Elvis Presley in Nashville, IN on Friday, Dec. 7th at 7:00 pm. Ok, well not Elvis, but close enough. The one and only Bruce Borders. If that name rings a bell, it might be because you've seen him perform as Elvis on The Late Show with David Letterman....or maybe because you're from Jasonville, IN and Bruce was your mayor. Either way, this will be a show not to be missed. Congrats Danny!

 -Big Congratulations goes to Levi Mason on his successful run at The Community Theater of Terre Haute. CTTH recently performed the musical "Hairspray". Not an easy one to pull off, and Levi's work was the talk of the town. Well done Levi.

 -A big BRAVO goes to Drummer's Program students Levi Mason, Danny Lauby, and Justin Jaeger for their stellar performance with the Saint Mary of the Woods concert band in Terre Haute, IN. The college concert band performed the pieces Danse Macabre and The Sorcerer's Apprentice on Sunday, October 28th with a percussion section made up entirely of some of The Drummer's Programs best. The professionalism and versatility of these guys makes all of us at The Drummer's Program proud. Keep up the good work!


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